Unpacking Our In-House 10 Points Lunchtime Series: Critical Updates & Practical Guidance 2023

If you are looking for a series of excellent legal CPD seminars, you don’t want to miss out on our 10-point Lunchtime Series, which provides critical updates and practical guidance for in-house counsel in 2023. This series was designed to help in-house counsel achieve their CPD points and remain up-to-date on topical issues and risks.

The series, which started on August 31st, will come to a close on November 30th, but thankfully, it’s not too late to sign up. You can either catch the last few sessions live or register to access all the sessions on demand, including the ones that have passed.

The series covers six substantive law points, one ethical and professional responsibility point, one professional skills point, and two points in business skills and practice management, thereby ensuring that you meet all of the minimum requirements for CPD points in most territories.

Here is a quick breakdown of what our 10-point Lunchtime Series entails, so you can sign up when you are ready.

Session 1: Navigating Indemnity Clauses and Their Impact on Insurance Contracts

This session speaks to trends and risk management with regard to indemnity clauses on insurance contracts and provides a useful update on how clauses are being enforced.

Session 2: Building Cyber Security Incidence Response and Resilience in Your Organisation

Cybersecurity is a growing threat to the legal profession. This session provides in-house counsel with information on how to prepare for, identify and recover from cyber security incidents.

Session 3: Responsible Contracting Spotlight – Unfair Contract Terms Reforms

With current regulatory changes taking place in the contract world, this session will provide much-needed insight into some of the latest developments. The session provides a particular focus on imminent changes to unfair contract terms.

Session 4: In-House Counsel’s Guide to Technology, Privacy and Artificial Intelligence 

With technology advancing at an ever-increasing rate, sessions like this provide immense value in helping in-house counsel navigate the legal and regulatory issues related to new technologies such as biometrics, advanced language models, and artificial intelligence, among others.

Session 5: Demystifying New Statutory Duties around Workforce Psychological Health and Safety

The legal profession has elevated psychological health and safety regulations to protect professionals and ensure legal services remain of the highest quality. Learn more about how this impacts the legal profession, and how your organisation can comply with mandatory psychological health and safety interventions.

Session 6: Challenges for In-House Lawyers with Legal Professional Privilege

This session will deal with how to understand waivers and mitigate risk in the area of legal professional privilege. It also addresses how one can provide evidence to substantiate privilege claims.

Session 7: Exploring ESG as Access to Capital: An Imperative

With ESG becoming an increasingly important imperative in the corporate world, it is incumbent upon organisations to ensure that they maximise the opportunities and navigate the risks in this regard. Learn more about the role of in-house legal counsel in navigating ESG.

Session 8: The Court Of Public Opinion ‒ Protecting and Repairing Reputation

This session helps provide insight into how to manage crises in terms of alignment with PR and legal strategies, as well as how to repair reputations that have been damaged through negative public incidents.

Session 9: Modern Slavery Laws, Due Diligence and Reporting Duties and Liabilities

This session focuses on enhancing understanding regarding how the laws have changed to ensure better due diligence and reporting standards for in-house counsel when it comes to modern slavery allegations in companies that do business in foreign jurisdictions.

Session 10: Managing Standard Form Contracts in Australia

It is important that in-house counsel have confidence and strong negotiating skills when it comes to using standard-form contracts. This means having a good understanding of the clauses and common amendments that are typically made.

By attending these legal CPD seminars, live or on-demand, you can meet your CPD requirements. Get the full benefits by signing up with Legalwise Seminars today.