Is It Possible To Get All Your CPD Points In One Day?

For many legal professionals, obtaining their 10 annual CPD points can be a bit of a headache, as they need to find time in their busy schedules to attend various courses or sit through seminars.

While these are undoubtedly of great value and can provide much-needed learning to improve knowledge and skills in a particular area of expertise, finding the time to get all the necessary CPD points can be complicated and unwieldy for busy professionals.

However, there are CPD programs for lawyers that allow you to acquire all your CPD points in one day. Here at Legalwise Seminars, we have a variety of programs coming up in the new year that will enable you to obtain all your CPD points in one day.

We are offering several 10-point-in-one-day courses early in the year, in February and March, to assist legal professionals who may not have secured their annual CPD points before the March 31st deadline.

Let’s take a look at some of the courses we offer.

​​Government Law Symposium on February 28

We are offering our acclaimed Government Practice Program, focusing on 10 important topics geared towards government lawyers. Every compulsory CPD topic will be covered, along with specialised topics such as administrative law, integrity, privacy, model litigant obligations, privacy impact assessments, and much more.

10 Points in One Day Conference from the Gold Coast

By popular demand, we have top-notch experts ready to share the latest updates right here on the stunning Gold Coast. Our 10 points in one day conference is designed to keep you up-to-date in essential practice areas, ensuring you meet all your CPD requirements, including the mandatory units, in a single day. Join us for a day of convenience and 12 knowledge-packed sessions – it’s going to be an outstanding da

10 CPD Points Bundle on February 28

Attend a live event in Canberra and complete your core competency sessions from a list of online programs. This 10-point bundle can be tailored to your unique legal requirements and will help you unpack the latest developments in property law, commercial law, family law, and estate law, among others.

Parramatta 10 Points In One Day Conference on February 29

This annual event, now in its 12th year, helps legal professionals stay abreast of a broad range of topics and meet the compulsory point requirements for 10 points in one day.

Another 10 Points In One Day Event on March 7

Attend a one-day CPD marathon and gain insights and training on 10 crucial areas of law, including compulsory aspects needed for your CPD compliance.


There are many more conferences happening throughout March, such as the:

With all these opportunities, there’s no reason you should be unable to obtain all your CPD points in time for the March 31st deadline.

If you want to sort out all your CPD points, attend one of our CPD programs for lawyers and rest assured that you will remain certified as a legal professional. Contact us at Legalwise Seminars today to sign up.