The Benefits Of CPD On Demand

If you’re a legal professional operating in Australia, you know that it is essential to remain current with legal developments and to enhance your skills by meeting the regulatory requirement of obtaining 10 continuing professional development (CPD) points annually.

However, most legal professionals have busy schedules and might find it difficult to carve out time to attend live seminars, workshops and webinars. Thankfully, at Legalwise Seminars, we offer CPD on demand.

Let’s explore some of the advantages that on-demand CPD courses can offer.

Flexible Scheduling

On-demand CPD courses allow legal professionals to engage with content at any time that suits them, enabling them to balance their professional and personal commitments while still meeting their CPD requirements.

The flexibility and convenience afforded through on-demand content mean there is no need to adhere to a fixed schedule, allowing solicitors to learn at their own pace.

The time management benefits are evident, as it allows legal professionals to incorporate on-demand CPD into their lives in a way that suits them. It also permits solicitors to engage in shorter courses and segmented seminars and workshops in bite-sized chunks, enabling them to learn in smaller and more manageable time increments.

Remote Access

Aside from the time-saving nature of CPD on demand, it also provides superior accessibility, allowing solicitors to attend courses virtually from anywhere in the world. This remote access capability allows solicitors who travel or practice in remote areas to engage with valuable content without the need to travel far to attend an event in person.

It also means that time zones are not a factor, as legal professionals can access the courses at a time that suits them best.

Another benefit of remote access is that it is significantly less expensive, since there are no travel and accommodation costs involved.

Greater Content Variety

On-demand CPD courses provide solicitors with a much wider range of content, enabling them to engage with material that is most helpful to them. This is possible because a more extensive array of on-demand material is readily available at any given time, essentially providing solicitors with an entire library of useful content to access at will.

This means that on-demand CPD providers, such as Legalwise Seminars, can ensure that legal professionals have access to the latest legal developments and trends with deeper insights into specialised topics whenever needed. In addition, the content can be updated more frequently, ensuring that the latest legal developments and trends are always available.

Moreover, solicitors can pace their learning, allowing them to delve deep into complex topics and concepts, gaining more in-depth knowledge in specific specialised areas of interest without feeling rushed or fearing missing out.

Access to expertise through on-demand courses is also superior, as legal professionals can access courses from weeks or months ago without fearing they may miss out. This allows legal professionals to have access to the top professionals and academics in the field without the need to attend events in person or meet strict timing requirements.

Here at Legalwise Seminars, we offer CPD on demand in addition to live virtual training and in-person events. Stay up-to-date with your CPD points by signing up today.