Immigration Lunchtime Series: Reforms, Pathways, Employment Law Intersection & Deportation

With reforms to the Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme and migrant worker protections, reforms to the Active Investor Plus category and concerns regarding deportations, join for three comprehensive 2-hour sessions to assist you to easily fit into your schedule. Understand the implications of the latest set of immigration law reforms. Ensure you have all of the best practice tips, updated case law and understand the challenges and opportunities for your immigration law clients. Attend all three sessions or just catch up on what you need.

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Immigration Law and Employment Law: New Law, Cases & Best Practices

Monday, 19 August 2024

The interaction of employment and immigration matters is in the spotlight with the new Accredited Employer Work Visa Scheme and the Worker Protection (Migrant and Other Employees) Act 2023.  Be well informed about these essential issues including new infringement offence protocols, expanded suspension criteria for accreditation and additional labour market test requirements.  Plus gain best practice tips on common scenarios for the intersection of employment and immigration law in termination and restructuring.


Attend and earn 2 CPD hours

1.00pm to 3.00pm New Must Know Information: The Meeting of Employment and Immigration Law Matters


  • The new Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme: must know information
  • Worker Protection (Migrant and Other Employees) Act 2023 infringement offences
  • Common scenarios where employment and immigration hooks need to be navigated
  • Best practice tips when advising on restructuring roles held by migrant workers or terminating employment with migrant workers

Presented by Shi Sheng Cai (Shoosh), Senior Associate, Copeland Ashcroft and Lauren Qiu, Principal, Stay Legal 


Marcus Beveridge, Managing Director, Queen City Law NZ Limited

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the new Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme
  • Gain an update on infringement offences in immigration law
  • Navigate common scenarios where employment law and immigration law intersect
  • Gain best practice relating to restructuring and termination of employment for migrant workers


Marcus Beveridge, Managing Director,Queen City Law NZ Limited
Marcus Beveridge is the Managing Director of Queen City Law NZ Limited. His main areas of practice are construction and property law, commercial law, foreign investment, real estate services and immigration. Marcus has developed expertise in business-based immigration and has acted on literally 100's of successful business-based immigration applications over the best part of 3 decades. Many of these clients have subsequently become major clients of his firm. The total amount of business immigration funds invested in NZ in the last decade is close to NZ$10 Billion. Marcus is a regular commentator on immigration based issues on national Radio & TV and has presented and chaired many NZ Immigration Law conferences over the years. Marcus has also recently been on several Working Groups and Immigration Reference Groups liaising with senior INZ management about assorted immigration issues. His firm comprises one of NZ’s largest immigration law teams. Marcus was formerly Chairman of NZAMI and Convenor of the New Zealand Law Society Immigration Committee.

Shi Sheng Cai (Shoosh), Senior Associate,Copeland Ashcroft
Shi Sheng Cai (Shoosh) is a Senior Associate at Copeland Ashcroft and regularly acts for employers to help with immigration matters. He has over 7 years of work experience in the immigration sector including experience in the areas of global mobility, corporate immigration, investor migration and expertise with complex New Zealand immigration matters. Shoosh is a member of the Law Association Immigration Committee and is an author for Thomson Reuters Human Rights Law resource. You will find Shoosh "a great guy to deal with". He enjoys working with government officers and is a critical thinker with an insightful legal mind.

Lauren Qiu, Principal,Stay Legal
Lauren Qiu is the Principal Immigration Lawyer of Stay Legal. She is an experienced specialist immigration lawyer who provides honest advice and practical solutions. She has presented at national and regional seminars on immigration law. Lauren is currently an immigration law guest lecturer teaching aspiring immigration advisers. Lauren is practical, effective, and dedicated. Lauren has assisted employers with practical advice, high-net-worth individuals with tailored solutions, skilled migrants and their families to gain residency, and unlawful migrants regain their lawful status. She has successfully requested character waivers, medical waivers, ministerial special directions, and appealed decisions. Lauren is currently a Member of the Auckland District Law Society's Immigration & Refugee Law Committee, a Member of the Tauranga Migrant Settlement Network (an Immigration New Zealand led Welcoming Communities initiative), and a Volunteer Immigration Solicitor at the Citizens Advice Bureau (Tauranga).


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Which Pathway is Better?

Monday, 26 August 2024

Under the new residence rules migrants may have different pathways open to them. If a person can qualify for both the Green List and the Skilled Migrant it can be hard to know which is the best option. Are they the same? This session will equip you with the knowledge to protect your clients and their futures.


Bradley So, Senior Associate, Queen City Law

1.00pm to 3.00pm Which Pathway is Better?

This is an overall view of the SR3 – SR7 series of residence pathways. It will discuss INZ processes attitudes and approach.
As this session assumes a baseline knowledge of residence principles, it is aimed at practitioners with at least an intermediate level of expertise

An overview:

  • SR3 is a newcomer having come into effect from Oct 2023
  • SR4 and SR5 has been subject to ongoing tinkering since inception. SR to a lesser degree
  • SR7 has been neutered since Apr 2024 but we will still see residual applicants coming through
  • For people on the 2x median wage, do they apply under SR3 or SR5?

Presented by Sonny Lam, Consultant, Queen City Law and Hannah Alcantara, Lawyer, Queen City Law


Attend and earn 2 CPD hours


Bradley So, Senior Associate, Queen City Law
Bradley So is a Senior Associate at Queen City Law and he manages the immigration team. He specialises in business migration and foreign investments. He has represented significant employers and ultra-high net worth individuals. His clients have invested in excess of $500 million in New Zealand and he has assisted multinationals with their immigration requirements.

Sonny Lam, Solicitor, Queen City Law
Sonny is a former Immigration New Zealand Officer. He was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 2007, practicing in the area of employment and family law for around 7 years before joining Immigration New Zealand. He has a balanced understanding of the New Zealand Immigration system having served with INZ in multiple officer roles before being called back to private practice as a lawyer in 2015. Sonny’s focus is on helping families. He has personally taken part in assisting thousands of people obtain residency, whether as an Immigration officer or as an Immigration lawyer. He has particular expertise in the SMC Skilled Migrant Category Residence applications, particularly in Immigration Appeals to the IPT on residency decline decisions. His family law background and his former experience as an Immigration Officer in the partnership assessment teams will give you the edge in preparing for a partnership application. Due to the unique mixture of his background, Sonny is also highly in demand in providing Employment and Immigration business advisory advice for companies hiring migrant workers, including applying for the legalisation of overstayer workers which is known as a s61 application. He has acted on Immigration/ Employment matters for various international companies for their New Zealand business interests, including collective bargaining with migrant workers.

Hannah Alcantara, Lawyer, Queen City Law


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Deportation IN FOCUS: Understanding Your Client's Options & Advocacy Strategies

Monday, 2 September 2024

Are you ready to tackle the complexities of deportation cases head-on? In this session dedicated to deportation you will gain crucial insights into analysing alleged breaches under Part 6 of the Immigration Act, understanding INZ investigation policies, navigating natural justice with case law commentary, and advising clients on investigation strategies and potential appeal options.


Attend and earn 2 CPD hours


Charlotte Summers, BDes LLB LLM GCNZIA GDipArts (Politics) GCertArts

1.00pm to 3.00pm Deportation: Understanding Your Client’s Options and Advocacy Strategies


  • Analysis of a purported breach under part 6 of the Immigration Act
  • Natural justice case law commentary
  • Final report dated 25 September 2019 – Michael Heron KC
  • Advising your client on the investigation and potential appeal options

Presented by Simon Graham, Partner, Young Hunter Lawyers

Learning Objective:
  • Understand the complexities surrounding deportation liability for visa holders facing criminal charges or convictions


Charlotte Summers, BDes LLB LLM GCNZIA GDipArts(Politics) GCertArts
Charlotte previously worked for INZ for 18 months following the completion of her LLB before commencing work with one of New Zealand’s leading immigration companies, Pathways to New Zealand Ltd, in Hamilton in October 2012. Due to the restrictions of the Immigration Advisers Licencing Act and the 12 month stand down requirement, Charlotte initially worked in the role of Client Relationship Manager while completing her GCNZIA and LLM degree. Charlotte relocated to the Pathways Wellington Office in January 2016 where she has continued to develop her particular expertise in appeal, deportation, ministerial requests, character and health matters. In regard to immigration-related health matters Charlotte’s expertise has contributed to successful outcomes from children with ASD at all ends of the spectrum through to heart conditions in young and elderly adults, and applicants with cancer, HIV, hepatitis, psychiatric matters and very rare health conditions. Charlotte’s legal background and her extensive experience with Pathways makes her especially well credentialed to present on immigration health matters.

Simon Graham, Partner,Young Hunter Lawyers
Simon is a litigation partner at Young Hunter Lawyers. He is responsible for leading the firm’s immigration and human rights team. As part of his role, he regularly appears before specialist Tribunals, and the Courts. Simon specialises in providing advice and representation with respect to all aspects of immigration litigation. This includes deportation appeals, refugee and protected status appeals, residence appeals, judicial reviews and High Court appeals, and criminal matters (including immigration fraud) which have the potential to affect a person’s immigration status. He is a member of the New Zealand Immigration and Refugee Law Committee of the New Zealand Law Society.


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Immigration Lunchtime Series: Reforms, Pathways, Employment Law Intersection & Deportation


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