Procurement: Global Insights and Tech Strategies

Explore the latest in procurement practices at our upcoming legal seminar. From global perspectives to tech procurement, we cover vital topics shaping the procurement landscape. Gain insights into sustainability, innovation, and success stories worldwide. Learn to navigate tech procurement pitfalls and leverage AI effectively. With expert insights and practical strategies, elevate your procurement expertise. Join us for an enriching experience to stay ahead in procurement trends. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your procurement skills.

Friday, 21 June 2024

Campbell Featherstone, Partner, Dentons

9.00am to 9.45am INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: The Future of Procurement - From Function to Capability
  • Challenges of current approaches: acknowledging the limitations of traditional procurement methods in the face of increasing market complexity and disruptions, along with the emergence of multidimensional topics such as ESG, diversity, and the circular economy.
  • Rethinking Sustainability Measures: highlighting the inadequacy of simply establishing a new sustainability department as a solution, emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive approach to truly enhance sustainability.
  • Exploration of Future Procurement: proposing a forward-looking perspective on the future of procurement that transcends conventional tools, automation, and departmental thinking.
  • Inspiration from International Success Stories: drawing insights from 8 international success stories, showcasing diverse ways of working at different developmental stages.
  • Impact Beyond Boundaries: demonstrating how these organizations are not only achieving greater impact for themselves but also positively influencing their partners, the environment, and society at large.

Presented by Mirko Kleiner, Thought Leader in Lean-Agile Procurement, CIPS Award Winner, President of LAP Alliance, co-founder flowdays, Agile Enterprise Coach

9.45am to 10.45am Tech Procurement and AI
  • Tech procurement is rarely straightforward: IT projects fail all the time!
  • Why do they fail and is it any different for AI procurement?
  • Common pitfalls and key issues to watch out for when procuring AI tools and tech procurement in general
  • Can AI make any difference: can it help the procurement process itself?

Presented by Gunes Haksever, Senior Associate, Dentons

Learning Objectives:
  • Gain valuable insight into the future of procurement and the sustainability issues that are faced
  • Understand the challenges when procuring AI tools and tech procurement in general


Attend and earn 1.5 CPD hours


Campbell Featherstone, Partner, Dentons
Campbell is a partner in Dentons Wellington’s corporate and commercial team. He provides advice on all corporate and commercial matters including procurement projects, privacy, IT agreements (including SaaS, agile and waterfall software development, and traditional licensing), IP licensing and consumer and marketing law compliance. In doing so, he is frequently engaged to assist his clients to draft, negotiate and advise on complex commercial arrangements – often with multiple moving parts. He has significant international experience, having previously worked in the UK and the Middle East before returning to New Zealand in 2018, and advises clients based the world over. As a result, he has been exposed to many different drafting and negotiating styles and strategies.

Mirko Kleiner, Thought Leader in Lean-Agile Procurement
Mirko has just been featured in CIO Look Magazine's Top 10 Iconic Leaders in Procurement to Watch, 2024 cover story. He’s the global Thought Leader & President of the Lean-Agile Procurement Alliance, Serial Award Winner, Keynote Speaker, Author. He’s disrupting commercial roles and approaches based on Agile values & principles in all industries, both public & private sector. Lean-Agile Procurement has won several awards from the top 3 alliance / professional bodies from the procurement and supply chain community such as sourcing an ERP System in just 2 days (benchmark is 6-12 months). Mirko is also co-creator of the Agile Contract Manifesto, has developed a framework for Agile Contracts, the Lean Procurement Canvas - An Agile Contract on 1 page and was co-creator of the learning objectives of the Finance Module by ICAgile and the Agile Vendor Management with PMI/Disciplined Agile. He’s travelling the world inspiring people and organizations as a keynote speaker. As an Agile Ecosystem Coach he’s helping organizations on their journey on scaling agile across companies or from a static supply chain to an adaptive business ecosystem. Find out more about his work in his book „Lean-Agile Procurement - Twice the Value in Half the Time“. Find out more about Mirko Kleiner in, about the movement in about the company in and about the consultancy in

Gunes Haksever, Senior Associate, Dentons
Gunes is a commercial media and technology lawyer at Dentons, specialising in technology and privacy law. He advises clients on various legal issues, including consumer rights, fair trading, regulatory compliance, privacy and data protection, commercial agreements (particularly in the tech industry), outsourcing, procurement, IP licensing, media and marketing law, and delivers pragmatic, practical, and commercially-focused advice. Having worked with organisations across the Middle East, Turkey and New Zealand; Gunes has positioned himself as an advisor of multi-jurisdictional issues. Güneş has been particularly interested in artificial intelligence since 2016, contributing to the international discourse through his publications, including ‘Stifling Artificial Intelligence: Human Perils’ in the Computer Law & Security Review, which accurately foresaw the current concerns relating to generative AI.


Procurement: Global Insights and Tech Strategies


Single Session
Friday, 21 June 2024
9.00am to 10.45am New Zealand
CPD Hours 1.5
Online 20240615 20240621


On Demand 20240615 20240621

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