Travel light and look smart with these style tips

Sally Bruce

It’s surprisingly easy to travel light and look great both on the plane and at your destination. Personal stylist Sally Bruce discusses practical ways to make your wardrobe work for a stress-free holiday, whether you are staying home for the summer break or flying to the Northern Hemisphere for a white Christmas. Anyone can look chic while travelling, and there’s no need to spend a lot or pack a lot to do so, she writes. Here are Sally’s Top 10 Wardrobe Travel Tips: 

1. Know the Weather for your Destination

You need to pack for the climate you are heading to!

Sally Bruce

2. Make a Holiday Packing List

Put together a travel packing list and get organised, look at your itinerary and work out what outfits you will need each day. A formula of interchangeable pieces that you can pull together will take the stress and guessing out of getting ready each day.

3. Pack Clothes in Co-ordinating Colours

Sticking to a colour palette with colours that work together and allow you to mix and match each item of clothing. Keep things mostly neutral go for monochrome, navy, grey and khaki (if these colours suit you).

Roll clothes instead of folding to take up less room and end up less creased and, stuff your socks into your shoes to make the most of the space.

4. Flight Mode

Ensuring your plane travel is a tolerable experience starts with wearing a comfortable yet stylish outfit. Always avoid tight fitting clothing. Consider a dark stretch or jogger style pant to keep you warm paired with a sleeveless tank or t shirt, an open long cardigan and an on trend animal print scarf. Add a flat espadrille shoe or mule (a shoe that has no back or constraint around the heel) and remember the big celebrity style sunglasses and fab hat for when you arrive.

Sally Bruce

5. Minimise the Shoes

Aim for no more than three pairs of shoes on any trip. An everyday shoe e.g., a white sneaker, boots if it’s a colder climate, or a flat leather sandal if it’s a tropical getaway and one dressy heel for night – a wedge is great in European cities. Men can generally get by with a cool sneaker, loafer or boot.

6. Accessorise to Elevate your Look

A few key accessories can change the look of an outfit. A fabulous statement ring and oversized earrings and a couple of scarves that can be used in various ways. A cashmere scarf in a cool climate to keep warm or, in a Summer destination consider a silk scarf tied around your neck or as a head scarf.

Also don’t forget a fab belt and a fun clutch bag for nights out. Men should consider a few pairs of bright socks in cool patterns, a stylish hat/cap and two different belts to add a little personality to otherwise simple, coordinating outfits.

A lightweight smaller bag is also a necessity, a cross body bag that can fit your daily essentials in for going out in your destination.

Sally Bruce

7. Versatile Basics

A leather jacket is a great travel essential and will cater to most destinations: throw it over your shoulders when there’s a breeze in warmer climates or, zip up to keep warm in cooler places. A denim jacket is also a great item to pack because it’s extremely versatile and a perfect layering piece.


Sally Bruce

A few t-shirts are useful travel items in either black, navy, white, grey or striped, either used as a a base to layer on for a cold day or, worn as a laid back look tucked into jeans with a plaited leather belt.




Sally Bruce

8. Cold Climates

If you’re heading to an exciting Northern Hemisphere destination such as New York or London, you’ll be braving the cold and walking from place to place can be brutal. Choose a neutral coloured coat that can be worn day or night and add a scarf, gloves and woollen hat that will keep you warm and accessorised. Dress in layers using wool, chunky knits and even tights under jeans, and on particularly chilly days remember the thermals. A lightweight merino wool jumper in a neutral colour, grey, camel or navy, will be your go to and great for layering. A great pair of denim jeans is a travel staple: go for a straight leg in darker denim, because it’s more versatile than light denim and looks smarter.

In cooler climates, layering is key as it allows you to stay warm whilst out and about, but still easily remove layers when entering a warm building.

Sally Bruce

9. Warm Climates

If you’re laying poolside or exploring a tropical destination this holiday season, you won’t need much more than swimwear, a sarong, sunhat and sunglasses. Also consider a fabulous long kaftan that can be worn over swimmers or dressed up with a belt and flat strappy sandals for evening. Pack shorts, a skirt, a floaty dress and tops in light, cool fabrics – cotton, linen and silk.

And to be sun ready for the guys, take your swimwear, sunhat, shorts, a chino pant, tees and a casual linen shirt, flip flops, a sneaker or loafer.

Sally Bruce

10. The Great Outdoors

If adventure is your go-to and you’re planning an active holiday, such as a day trek or camping, packing minimal is best, choose a selection of clothes which are easy to wash and dry. Clever layering is the key to dressing for changeable weather – wear a camisole under a long sleeved top, under a fleece, under a waterproof jacket.

Dark coloured and patterned clothes are a good idea, because they don’t show up the dirt.

Comfy footwear is essential, and make sure they are well broken-in before you travel.

Last Word

And if all else fails, shop in your holiday destination! It’s one of the true enduring delights of travel, shopping in an unfamiliar place for items you need, or might like, along with the locals.

Enjoy and Stay Stylish!

Sally Bruce


Sally Bruce is a Sydney-based personal stylist. Her business is dedicated to providing exceptional personal styling services. Sally has worked for some of the best in the industry, has a Bachelor of Design, has trained with the Australian Style Institute and has years of styling experience. She is a self-confessed fashion addict and loves helping clients look their best by considering their body shape, lifestyle, personality and personal style. Sally is passionate about helping clients to improve their personal style, whether they are a busy mum, corporate executive, or need help with a special event. Her personal style is polished with a hint of coolness and she is easy going, approachable and will ensure your style session is informative as well as loads of fun! Sally has a great eye for detail, is goal orientated and does not stop until the job is done. She is committed to providing extraordinary styling services that will change the way clients look and feel about themselves for the better. Sally says: “I am here for all your styling needs!” Visit Sally’s website for more information or contact her at You can also connect with Sally via Instagram


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