Ensuring That You Remain CPD-Compliant in NSW

If you are a legal professional operating in New South Wales (NSW), then you need to ensure that you remain compliant with the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements laid out by the Law Society of New South Wales

Here we will address some commonly asked questions as per the CPD points NSW Law Society guidelines.

How Many CPD Units of Points are Needed Every Year?

According to the NSW Law Society requirements, 10 CPD points need to be acquired every year between the 1st of April and the 31st of March.

What Activities Will Yield CPD Points?

CPD points can be acquired through a series of different activities, the most common of which are seminars, workshops, lectures, discussion groups, or conferences. Some multimedia or web-based programs are also valid for acquiring CPD points, with the rule of thumb being 1 point per hour spent on qualifying programs. You may also achieve CPD points by presenting CPD lectures or providing legal education. However, this is limited to a maximum of 5 units per year.

You may also achieve a maximum of 5 units per year through private study of all audio and/or visual material specifically designed for updating your legal knowledge and ensuring that you acquire skills relevant to your particular area of practice.

Another way of achieving CPD points is to research, prepare, edit, or publish any articles in legal publications. But the general rule of thumb is that every 1000 words will net you a single CPD point. This, too, is limited to a maximum of five CPD points.

Solicitors may also acquire CPD points by being an active member of a committee or task force linked to a professional association or a designated local authority. However, this only counts if you regularly attend meetings or if the work that you do as part of the committee or task force is of substantial significance in terms of the legal profession and can reasonably be said to provide growth in your professional development.

What Compulsory CPD Points are Needed Annually?

For 6 out of the 10 points required, you may choose your area of professional development. However, all legal practitioners in NSW need to acquire 4 compulsory CPD points in the areas of substantive law, professional skills, practice management, and business skills, as well as ethics and professional responsibility.

How Can I Tell if an Activity is Certified for CPD Points?

Generally speaking, CPD point acquisition is based on the principle that the activity in question can lead to the extension of your knowledge and skills in ways that are relevant to your profession and practice. This generally falls upon the legal practitioner to exercise some degree of self-assessment.

What are Other Ways of Acquiring CPD Points?

Lectures at universities or any other higher education institution can claim CPD points for the time spent lecturing, up to a maximum of 5 points. Students may also claim CPD points for their participation in a course related to their legal profession. The rule of thumb remains that 1 hour spent teaching or learning equals 1 CPD point, to a maximum of 5 points per year.

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