Our half-day legal seminars and full-day legal conferences are renowned for their thought-provoking content, stunning venues and truly exceptional presenters – who include legal and industry experts, judicial officers, managing partners of large firms senior barristers and academics.

As an attendee you will:

  • gain a deep understanding of the latest legal information, updates and issues in your area
  • earn your full CPD points for the year
  • take away comprehensive hard-copy papers
  • enjoy 4- 5 star hotel and conference venue surrounds
  • have the chance to Q&A and mingle with our expert presenters.

"I was so impressed that you managed to attract these revered figures in criminal law. It spoke completely to your high-level of research and organisation."

"A very high standard of performance by the presenters, well worth the time and money. One of the best seminars I’ve attended.”


Legal CPD Program


Below you can find our October to November 2018 CPD Program. We have seminars in Auckland and Wellington that are available to attend in person or to watch live online.

**Early bird for October - November 2018 programs expires on Friday, 19 October 2018.


View our Online CPD seminars running from October to November 2018 here.






  Code Face to Face Live Online

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Business Sales, Purchases and Franchises 1810NZA05 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 1: Business Acquistions and Sales: Practice and Procedure 1810NZA05A AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 2: Franchising Intensive 1810NZA05B AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Family Law: Property Division, Trusts and Companies 1810NZA06 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 1: Untangling Gifts, Spousal Maintenance and Tax 1810NZA06A AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 2: Family Law Trusts and Case Intensive 1810NZA06B AAA Arrow AAA Arrow

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Workplace Law: Entitlements and Disputes 1810NZA07 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 1: Entitlements, Bias, Sexual Harassment and Compensation 1810NZA07A AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 2: Practical Legislative, Case Law and Era Updates 1810NZA07B AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Intellectual Property Infringement: Trademarks, Copyright and "Passing Off" 1810NZA08 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Cyber Security and Data Protection for Law Firms 1810NZA09 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow




  Code Face to Face Live Online

Thursday, 01 November 2018

Not-for-Profits, Trusts and Charities Law Symposium 1811NZA10 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 1: Rising theWave of New Legislation and Regulation 1811NZA10A AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Session 2: Tax, Accounting and Risk in Not-For-Profits and Charities 1811NZA10B AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Immigration Law Update 1811NZA11 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow
Environment and Planning Law: Key Updates 1811NZA12 AAA Arrow AAA Arrow


"Excellent, very thought provoking with great notes to reference later"

Delagate - Public Law and Local Government – Auckland, March 2017


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