10 CPD Hours in One Day in Auckland

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Date: Thursday, 15 March 2018
Time: 07:30am - 06:30pm
Venue: Stamford Plaza Auckland, Ground Floor, 22 - 26 Albert St, Auckland

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Date: Thursday 15 March 2018
Time: 7.30am to 6.30pm
Venue: Stamford Auckland, 22 - 26 Albert St Auckland

Attend and earn 10 CPD hours

Has March come around sooner than expected? Do you want to get all your CPD done in one day instead of scraping hours together bit by bit? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes' this program is for you! Our highly anticipated 10 CPD Hours in One Day program is back again to deliver an easy, efficient, information packed day that will strengthen your practice in the year to come.


Session 1: Property Transactions and Leasing

Chair: Joe Biddles, Partner, Thompson Blackie Biddles Limited

Changes to Rural Subdivisions Under the Auckland Unitary Plan

  • How rural subdivisions differ from residentially zoned subdivisions
    • The supply of utility services and water supply rights
    • Appropriate restrictive covenants for rural land including reverse sensitivity provisions
  • Transferable development rights
  • Lifting limitation on head title limited as to parcels

Presented by Glen Low, Partner, Franklin Law

Update on Commercial Leasing in a Seismic Country

  • OH&S issues
  • Impact on leases: using the new Building Code Standard
  • Impact on ongoing leases

Presented by Tim Rainey, Partner, Rainey Law

A Valuer's Perspective on Market Rent Review Clauses

  • The demise clause and identification of premises
  • Objective vs subjective rentals
  • Incentives
  • Hierarchy of rentals and evidence
  • Who owns what

Presented by Nigel Dean, Director, Colliers International

AML/CFT: 15 Weeks Out: Where Should You be Focusing?

  • Important areas of focus
    • Risk assessment and programme: sign off and implementation
    • Exception processes
    • Automation
    • Testing
    • GoAML: training and reporting
    • Gap identification
    • Modification
    • Getting staff ready
  • Prescribed Transaction Reporting: How is it working for phase 1 entities?
  • Issues: the black, the white and the grey
    • Privilege
    • Customer Due Diligence: a focus on timing
    • Verification exception (section 16(3))
    • Enhanced due diligence: What and when?
    • Impact of Ping An judgment
  • Latest from the DIA and FIU: review of all regulations and guidance released

Presented by Fiona Hall, Barrister and Solicitor; Specialist AML/CFT, Former Head of Compliance and AML Compliance

Learning Objectives:

  • Stay up to date with the Changes to Rural Subdivisions Under the Auckland Unitary Plan
  • Examine the impact of a seismic environment on commercial Leasing
  • Gain insights from a valuer on market rent review clauses
  • Receive a timely and critical update on AML/CFT



Session 1: Family Law Issues

Chair: Graeme Stanton, Director, Auckland Family Law

Obtaining Final Protection Orders
Look at relevant case law and gain practical tips on how to satisfy the two limbs:

  • Has domestic violence occurred?
  • Is the protection order necessary

Presented by Annie Rakena, Lawyer, Adrianne McLean Barrister

Relationship Property Settlement Agreements
Analysis of key points for settling relationship property, child support and maintenance agreements.

Presented by Katie Hollister-Jones, Solicitor, Haigh Lyon Lawyers

Practical Implications of Williams v Scott
Consider this significant decision and its impact on your practice and your clients.

Presented by Jo Hosking, Barrister, Auckland; Leading Family & Divorce Lawyer Doyle's Guide 2017

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain practical analysis and skills for settling relationship property
  • Examine the Practical Implications of Williams v Scott
  • Master how to obtain final protection orders


Session 2: Corporate and Commercial Law Update

Chair: Marika Eastwick-Field, Partner, Russell McVeagh

Making Private Offers Under the Financial Conducts Market Act

  • Understanding the exemptions in Schedule 1 of the Act
  • The small offers regime
  • Equity crowd-funding
  • Private funds

Presented by Jeremy Muir, Partner, MinterEllisonRuddWatts

Upping the Ante: Evolving Trends for Corporate Exposure for Privacy Breach

  • Recent trends in Privacy Act liability findings
  • Legal basis for Privacy Act remedies including damages and training orders
  • Factors in the success rates of Privacy Act litigation
  • Privacy Act litigation relating to companies, employment and legal practice
  • Impact of likely law reforms

Presented by TBC

Commerce Act: Navigating a Brave New World with the New Prohibition on 'Cartel Provisions'

  • Most collaboration risks falling foul of the extended per se 'cartel' prohibition. Why?
  • Key risk areas relating to supply, output or price: JVs, distribution (especially online), non-competes, exclusivity
  • The upside - the 'get out of jail free card'? Steps to benefit from the new (reverse onus) exceptions:
    • cartel provisions that are 'reasonably necessary' for collaborative activities; vertical supply and collective acquisitions
  • Com Com Guidelines and the new clearance regime

Presented by Andrew Matthews, Principal and Gus Stewart, Senior Associate, Matthews Law

Insolvency: Tips to Better Assist Your Client

  • Advising your client
  • Responding to applications
  • Managing orders
  • Practical tips to remove trustee or liquidator
  • Key legislation

Presented by Aaron Nicholls, Partner, EDC Lawyers

Learning Objectives

  • Consider the risks in relation to the Commerce Act 'Cartel Provisions'
  • Gain tips on advising your client insolvency matters
  • Examine recent trends for corporate exposure for privacy breach
  • Master how to make Private Offers Under the Financial Conducts Market Act



Session 2: Employment and Workplace Law Roundup

Chair: Maria Dew, Barrister, Bankside Chambers

Employment Law Update

  • Minimum requirements for an employment agreement
  • 90 day trial in workplace programs
  • Common issues such as an unjustified dismissal
  • General overview of the requirements for business owners

Presented by Daniel Erickson, Partner, Douglas Erickson

Health and Safety at Work Act: Two Years On
More than two years have passed since the Health and Safety at Work Act came into force. Examine what developments have occurred and consider observations and practical suggestions on the following:

  • How principal contractors can comply with their duties under the Act when they delegate to sub-contractors
  • Learnings from case law examples, both in NZ and Australia
  • Tips when dealing with the regulator during an investigation

Presented by Marie Wisker, Partner, Chapman Tripp

Immigration Policy Update

  • Overview of recent changes to Essential Skills, Skilled Migrant and Accredited Employer instructions
  • Impact of employer non-compliance and the ability to hire work visa holders
  • Tips for employers to manage disruption in the immigration space

Presented by Jennifer Kay De Wald-Harrison, Associate Director, EY (Licenced Immigration Adviser)

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a timely employment law update
  • Catch up on the latest Health and Safety at Work Act developments
  • Stay up to date on Immigration policy


Session 3: Contract Law Essentials

Chair: Nic Scampion, Barrister, Shortland Chambers

Common Contract Mistakes: Recent Cases and the Insights they Offer to Drafters

  • Review and analysis of recurring themes in contract disputes
  • The meaning of words, use of language, and inconsistent terms
  • Prior representations relied on or inducing entry into contract, and how to exclude them

Presented by Paul Dalkie, Barrister

Managing IP in the Contracting Process

  • Securing IP ownership in a contracting situation
  • Ownership versus licensing
  • The potentially tangled web of IP joint ownership
  • How to deal with background IP
  • Drafting and negotiating IP ownership clauses: avoiding common mistakes
  • Managing risk and liability: IP warranties and indemnities

Presented by Scott Yorke, Partner, Bowie Yorke

Unfair Terms and Unsubstantiated Representation Provisions
The last three years have seen unprecedented levels of Commerce Commission-initiated litigation, particularly on Fair Trading Act (FTA) matters. Analyse developments that practitioners should know about this area of 'strict liability'

  • Learnings from the first three years of the Unfair Contract Terms (UCT) regime: What is 'unfair'?
  • Common pitfalls when drafting & reviewing contracts, including collateral, B2C and B2B issues
  • Other learnings from recent cases and the Commerce Commission's approach

Presented by Andrew Matthews, Principal and Gus Stewart, Senior Associate, Matthews Law

Serious Breach, Repudiation and Terminating a Contract

  • How are courts dealing with serious breaches of contract
  • Termination under the contract and at common law
  • Repudiation and the perils of terminating in haste
  • Common pitfalls

Presented by Tim Herbert, Barrister, High St Chambers

Learning Objectives:

  • Master contract drafting and consider recent case law
  • Gain an understanding on how the Courts are dealing with serious breach, repudiation and terminating a contract
  • Learn how to manage the trips and traps of IP in the contracting process



Session 3: Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Law

Chair: Stuart Cummings, Barrister, Surrey Chambers

EPAs: The What, the Why and the How

  • The changes to the PPPRA and the new forms for creating enduring powers of attorney
  • The powers and duties of an attorney with reference to case law
  • Applications to review an attorney's decisions and other claims against attorneys

Presented by Sally Morris, Partner and Georgia Angus, Senior Solicitor, Morris Legal

PPPR Section 55 Wills

  • Requirements
  • Drafting
  • Procedural steps
  • Case law

Presented by Henry Stokes, Senior Trusts Solicitor, Public Trust

What Lawyers Need to Know About Capacity: Medical and Legal Perspectives
Gain practical insights into the most important capacity issues that wills, estates and trusts practitioners must keep in mind by examining the issues from both the legal and medical worlds.

Presented by Professor Kate Diesfeld, Auckland University of Technology and Dr Mark Fisher, Psychogeriatrician

Digital Wills: Now and Beyond

  • Digital wills: What are they? How do they work? Execution and capacity
  • Online storage of documents and the Cloud: e.g. 'digital vault' threats and challenges
  • Risk regarding advice, or lack thereof
  • The professional firm's reality

Presented by Lincoln Watson, Managing Director, Kowhiri Limited

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine practical application , challenges and risks of digital wills
  • Gain a practical understanding on EPAs
  • Stay up to date on PPPR Section 55 Wills
  • Consider the medical and legal perspectives on capacity

Joseph Biddles

Joe Biddles is a specialist commercial property and real estate lawyer and a director of boutique law firm Thompson Blackie Biddles. Prior to this Joe worked at Russell McVeagh and formerly was the New Zealand Legal Counsel of Lion. Joe acts for a number of corporate and institutional clients and his practice covers all areas of commercial property including acquisitions and disposals, commercial leasing, developments, joint ventures and overseas investments in New Zealand. In the current market, Joe is noticing a particular focus on development work, (both freehold subdivisions and unit title developments) and a renewed focus on, and interest in, acquisitions (from both domestic and overseas buyers/funds).

Glen Low

Glen Low is a partner of Franklin Law where he leads the commercial property team. His leadership of this team means he is responsible for ensuring the firm's high standards of legal services across the full range of commercial property matters. Glen gives regular public presentations on legal topics such as rural subdivisions, earthquake strengthening requirements, issues concerning methamphetamine contamination and other matters of concern to Franklin locals. In addition to his seminars, Glen has written numerous articles on legal matters and has co-authored the Lexis Nexus chapters on Partnerships and Joint Ventures with fellow Franklin Law Partner, Kevin House.

Tim Rainey

Tim Rainey is a specialist commercial litigator who was admitted to the bar in 1992. Since then, Tim has gained extensive experience in all aspects of commercial and civil litigation. He is a highly skilled litigator with over 16 years experience in trial and Appellate Courts and specialist tribunals throughout New Zealand, as well as extensive experience in conducting mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Tim formed Rainey Law in 2009 after several years as a Partner in one of New Zealand's leading commercial and construction litigation firms and prior to that, many years experience working for a specialist insurance litigation firm

Nigel Dean

Nigel Dean joined Colliers International NZ Limited in October 1989 when Colliers acquired the valuation business of Eyles Purdy and Company. Nigel was appointed to the position of Director of Valuation & Advisory Services. He has been continuously involved in valuation work since 1965, and a Registered Valuer since 1972. From 1965 to 1985 Nigel was employed by the then Government Valuation Department undertaking rating assessments and other statutory functions. Major current clients include: Westfield NZ Ltd, Russell McVeagh, McElroys Litigation Lawyers, Auckland International Airport Ltd ,Tainui Incorporation Ltd, ANZ Bank ,Tauranga City Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade. Nigel Regularly appears in front of the Land Valuation Tribunal, High Court and Environment Court, and is regularly an expert witness in property arbitrations for residential, commercial and industrial property. Nigel holds a Diploma in Urban Valuation, Auckland, is a fellow of the NZ Institute of Valuers and the Property Institute of New Zealand. He is an Associate of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and a Registered Valuer. 1Since 985 Nigel has been responsible for a wide range of consultancy and valuation assignments for all property asset classes, for initial public offering (IPO), acquisitions, trust valuations, mortgage, financial reporting, rental consultancy and negotiation, land compensation, litigation, insurance and development funding. In 2011 Nigel became project director when Colliers was appointed to undertake valuations for financial reporting and disposal for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) in 32 countries and of 84 properties worldwide. Colliers was reappointed in 2015 and has been appointed again for 2017. Properties are located in diverse areas and reporting is required for countries with mature markets and also countries with no markets. All valuations are undertaken under IVS criteria to meet accounting standards of New Zealand.

Fiona Hall

Fiona Hall is a barrister and solicitor specialising in consumer credit, AML/CFT and privacy law. After her admission to the bar in 1987, Fiona initially practised general commercial litigation and banking law at large law firms in both Auckland and London, before moving in-house. Her in-house counsel roles covered a number of credit and credit related businesses as well as for a government regulator. Fiona has extensive practical commercial experience that complements her legal expertise, having acted as the head of compliance and both privacy officer and AML compliance officer in conjunction with her legal roles. Fiona has developed and implemented a number of AML/CFT programmes and now advises reporting entities on their AML/CFT obligations. Fiona was an invited speaker at the annual NZ Police FIU AML/CFT conference in 2015, and more recently has spoken at the AML Summit (Auckland, March 2017), the Infinity Law Conference (Wellington, May 2017) and co-presented the ADLS webinar "Anti-Money Laundering for Lawyers" (May, 2017). She is a member of the ADLS sub-committee on AML/CFT. Fiona brings the knowledge gained as a member of the leadership teams in the businesses she has advised together with her experience working for a regulator enforcing consumer legislation, to offer comprehensive advice in her areas of expertise. In particular, Fiona recognises the impact and significance that regulatory compliance obligations can have on a business and the need for robust yet commercially sustainable processes to meet them. In addition to advising on how to meet these obligations, Fiona can also advise when businesses are facing regulatory enforcement action.

Graeme Stanton

Graeme Stanton has practised law since 1984, as an employee or partner of Law Firms in Auckland,Whangarei, Manukau and Pukekohe. He has represented clients in all Family and District Courts in the Auckland area and also elsewhere in New Zealand. He has appeared in the Auckland High Court to successfully defend and prosecute appeals. While focussing mainly on Relationship Property and Family law, he also has a great deal of experience and expertise in Employment, Criminal, Traffic Cases and Civil and Property disputes. He has prepared many Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Wills. He has practised in the areas of Commercial Law and Conveyancing, Estate Administration. He has prepared many Agreements and Contracts of all kinds.

Annie Rakena

Annie Rakena provides legal advice on all matters relating to Family Law. With over 6 years of Family Law experience, over the years Annie has focused her practice on parenting matters, domestic violence matters, child youth and family matters, relocation and relationship property matters. Annie frequently appears in the family court and high court representing clients on the above matters she specialises in. Her "no nonsense" approach has helped several clients swiftly resolve matters without Court intervention.

Jo Hosking

Jo was admitted to the bar in 1998 and has practiced mainly in Family Law since then. In recent years Jo's interest has become focused on relationship and trust property and spousal maintenance cases. She has appeared in the Family Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and (as instructing solicitor) in the Supreme Court. Jo enjoys the strategic and commercial aspects of relationship property dispute resolution and working collaboratively to find solutions to relationship property problems. Jo has recently been appointed to update Fisher on Relationship Property (Chapter 11 Relationship Property And Trusts). Jo also undertakes lawyer for child work in the Rotorua Court. Since September 2015 Jo has been practising as a barrister in based in Rotorua where she was previously a partner in a specialist family law firm.

Marika Eastwick-Field

Marika Eastwick-Field is an experienced commercial litigator in Russell McVeagh's Auckland litigation practice, with particular expertise in construction and property litigation, banking and financial services and insurance. Marika frequently represents clients in mediations, arbitrations and in the courts.

Jeremy Muir

Jeremy is a financial services and investment lawyer with expertise in the Financial Markets Conduct Act, managed investment schemes and alternative assets including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and property investment. He has considerable experience advising the financial services industry and private equity/venture capital players on funds management, financial products, capital raising, regulatory issues, superannuation and insurance. Jeremy has special expertise in limited partnerships, helping to establish the first New Zealand venture capital fund structured as a limited partnership (Pioneer Capital Partners I LP), including negotiating its co-investment arrangements with the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF). He has also spent several years working in offshore funds for a major offshore law firm, and is admitted to the bar, in both Guernsey and the Cayman Islands. He is particularly interested in advising start-ups and angel investors, including in relation to raising capital through the NZVIF Seed Co-Investment Fund (SCIF) programme.

Andrew Matthews

Andy Matthews has 25 years' competition law experience, including international experience with Allen & Overy (London / Moscow). He is consistently recognised internationally as a leading lawyer in his specialties in the main directories. This includes Chambers Asia-Pacific, where he has been rated Band 1- Competition since 2006. Andy was previously a senior partner at a leading trans-Tasman law firm, where he led the NZ Competition & Regulatory and TMT teams, and had also headed the Auckland Corporate division.

Gus Stewart

Gus Stewart is a Senior Associate at Matthews Law. He specialises in competition & regulatory law, with expertise in mergers, cartels and consumer law (including privacy) issues. Gus has advised clients in a wide range of industries including health, real estate, dairy, and telecommunications, and deals with the Commerce Commission on a regular basis. Before joining Matthews Law he was an in-house lawyer at 2degrees, and a lawyer in the Competition & Regulatory and TMT teams at a leading trans-Tasman law firm.

Aaron Nicholls

Daniel Erickson

Prior to forming Douglas Erickson with Jo in 2016, Daniel Ericksonwas a Partner in another specialist employment law firm for over five years. Daniel has a reputation for providing pragmatic, timely and easy to understand advice. Clients appreciate his helpful, straightforward and concise approach to employment law problem-solving. Daniel assists employers in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, freight and logistics and retail. He enjoys working collaboratively with his clients, gaining a thorough understanding of them and their business. Daniel has also assisted a number of senior executives and CEOs in negotiating the commencement or the ending of their employment. Daniel regularly appears on behalf of his clients in the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court. He also frequently represents clients at mediation. Daniel also has expertise in health and safety. He assists clients in relation to complying with their legal obligations under health and safety legislation. He also works with clients following health and safety incidents, during WorkSafe New Zealand investigations and has appeared in the District Court in relation to health and safety prosecutions.

Marie Wisker

Marie Wisker advises clients on a wide variety of commercial disputes, specialising in employment law and health and safety. Marie works with a number of the firm's key clients, many of whom are large employers. Her broad range of general commercial experience means that she is able to provide practical advice relevant to the clients' commercial objectives. Marie assists clients on the full range of employment and health and safety matters. She has represented clients in numerous mediations and hearings, has experience in acting for employers on health and safety investigations and prosecutions and works alongside clients to help them understand the new health and safety regime. Marie helps clients manage employment and health and safety risks through compliance advice and training, and she has spoken at a number of conferences on both employment and health and safety. Marie is recommended by Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2016. She is also recognised as an "associate to watch" by Chambers Asia Pacific 2016.

Jennifer Kay De Wald- Harrison

Nic Scampion

Nic Scampion practises in most areas of civil and commercial litigation and employment law. He practises from Shortland Chambers in Auckland and remains a member of Tanfield Chambers in London. He has advised and represented a range of clients and has extensive trial experience. Details about Nic and his practice are at: https://www.shortlandchambers.co.nz/barristers/nic-scampion

Paul Dalkie

Paul Dalkie has practised as a barrister for more than 24 years in New Zealand and Australia. He appears in and has appeared in a wide range of civil and commercial cases and arbitrations. Prior to becoming a barrister he practised as a solicitor in Queensland for more than 8 years including at two global firms Blake Dawson Waldron (now Ashurst) and Cannan & Peterson, Sly & Weigall (now Norton Rose Fullbright). He has appeared and argued cases and conducted trials and appeals at all Court's levels, including the Privy Council. His practice has particular emphasis on contract disputes of all kinds, and corporate law, especially insolvency and shareholders and directors disputes. He is admitted to practice in New Zealand, Queensland and Victoria, and in the Federal Courts of Australia.

Scott Yorke

Scott Yorke is one of the founding partners of Bowie Yorke, a boutique law practice that helps clients to develop, commercialise and protect their technologies and innovations. He is an experienced commercial and corporate lawyer with expertise in technology law, international licensing, commercial contracts, corporate structuring and capital raising. Early in his career, Scott worked as a corporate commercial lawyer in Auckland before spending three years as in-house lawyer for a large UK company. Returning home, Scott worked for eight years at A J Park where he helped to establish the firm's commercial team, before leaving to co-found Bowie Yorke in 2012. Scott is recognised as an intellectual property and technology commercialisation expert. He has written articles on innovation and intellectual property law for local and international publications. He has also delivered seminars to a number of professional organisations, including the Licensing Executives Society Australia and New Zealand, the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand, and the Auckland District Law Society. He recently appeared in the High Court as an expert witness on intellectual property licensing and royalty rates.

Andrew Matthews

Andy Matthews has 25 years' competition law experience, including international experience with Allen & Overy (London / Moscow). He is consistently recognised internationally as a leading lawyer in his specialties in the main directories. This includes Chambers Asia-Pacific, where he has been rated Band 1- Competition since 2006. Andy was previously a senior partner at a leading trans-Tasman law firm, where he led the NZ Competition & Regulatory and TMT teams, and had also headed the Auckland Corporate division.

Gus Stewart

Gus Stewart is a Senior Associate at Matthews Law. He specialises in competition & regulatory law, with expertise in mergers, cartels and consumer law (including privacy) issues. Gus has advised clients in a wide range of industries including health, real estate, dairy, and telecommunications, and deals with the Commerce Commission on a regular basis. Before joining Matthews Law he was an in-house lawyer at 2degrees, and a lawyer in the Competition & Regulatory and TMT teams at a leading trans-Tasman law firm.

Timothy Herbert

Tim Herbert is a barrister sole. He is qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales and as a solicitor and barrister in New South Wales and New Zealand. Having studied law at Brasenose College, Oxford, Tim attended law school at the Oxford Institute of Legal Practice. From there, he commenced his career at Herbert Smith in London and Hong Kong, before moving to the litigation department of the London branch of US firm, Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue. After two years there, he moved to Australia where he worked for Freehills and Coudert Brothers in Sydney, before finally moving to New Zealand in 2005. After 5 years as a barrister and solicitor at LeeSalmonLong in Auckland, he commenced his own practice in 2010. Tim is currently based at Vulcan Building Chambers, Auckland.

Stuart Cummings

Stuart Cummings commenced practising law in 1979 as an old-fashioned "law clerk" while completing his law degree. He was admitted in May 1982 and has practised, in the earlier days, in a number of jurisdictions before specialising in Family Law in the late 1980s. Over the past 17 years that family law focus has further narrowed to a predominance of work in the relationship property area, trusts and the law affecting estates. Stuart has practiced as a Barrister sole since 1990.

Sally Morris

Sally Morris is the founding partner of Morris Legal. Sally is admitted as a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand, New South Wales and New York and has a master of laws degree from Columbia University in New York. Sally has an established reputation in the field of relationship property, trust and estate disputes. Sally has been published in the New Zealand Law Journal and the International STEP Journal with articles relating to the role of charities in estate disputes and the application of the Wills Act by the High Court. Sally regularly presents papers to industry conferences around New Zealand including recent presentations on the use of trusts to protect assets, the role of the independent trustee, challenges to estates and the implications of the recent Supreme Court decision of Clayton v Clayton in terms of asset protection following the end of a relationship. Sally was recognised in the 2016 NZ Lawyer 2016 Hotlist as "one to watch" and was a finalist for the Young Private Practice Lawyer of the Year at the 2016 New Zealand Law Awards. Sally was recently awarded Trust and Estate Litigation Lawyer of the Year in the Finance Monthly Law Awards 2017. Sally is a STEP Affiliate Member and has recently completed the STEP Advanced Diploma in Trusts and Estates.

Georgia Angus

Georgia Angus is a Senior Solicitor at Morris Legal. Georgia's experience includes advising private clients, charities and international and local trustee companies in relation to complex trust, estate and relationship property disputes. Georgia began her legal career at Russell McVeagh, a top-tier commercial law firm, before moving to focus exclusively on contentious relationship property, trust and estate matters. Georgia's commercial experience and training means she brings a pragmatic and strategic approach to private client matters. Georgia has been published in the New Zealand Law Journal with an article relating to the role of charities in estate claims. Georgia received her LLB and MusB from the University of Otago. Georgia is on the committee for the NZLS Auckland Young Lawyers and is a member of the Auckland Women Lawyers' Association; ICANZ Trust Special Interest Group; the Family Courts Association; and the New Zealand Animal Law Association.

Henry Stokes

Henry Stokes has been in private practice and acted as in-house counsel for a combined period of 20 years. He is currently a senior trusts solicitor for Public Trust. Henry specialises in the areas of wills, estates, trusts (both family and charitable) and protection of personal and property rights matters, including appearing in the Family Court and High Court. Henry advises on all areas from the preparation and implementation stages through to the disputes, claims and proceedings stages.

Kate Diesfeld

Kate Diesfeld is a member of the California State Bar. She represented clients through Protection and Advocacy in Los Angeles and before the Mental Health Review Tribunal in England. She has been a legal academic at Kent Law School in England and at Waikato University. She is a member of Waikato DHB's Clinical Ethics Advisory Committee and Chairs AUT's Ethics Committee. Her research interests include disability, health and elder law.

Mark Fisher

Dr Mark Fisher is a Consultant Psychiatrist currently working at Auckland DHB in Liaison Psychiatry and Mental Health Services for Older People. He also is employed part-time as the Mental Health Clinical Lead for the Northern Regional Alliance. He has experience working in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He has also recently held roles such as Director of Area Mental Health Services (DAMHS) under the Mental Health Act, and was a Deputy Psychiatrist member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal. His areas of interest are in clinical leadership, service provision, dementia services, legal authorities in residential care, legal capacity and quality of care.

Lincoln Watson

Lincoln is the managing director of K?whiri, whose software is used to write over 550,000 estate planning documents every year. Lincoln recently had roles as COO and Head of Technology at Perpetual Guardian and in the past lead technology teams at telecoms companies and wealth managers, as well owning a successful software and consultancy business. Lincoln believes technology will play an increasingly important part in the future of estate planning, moving what has traditionally been a very paper based and fragmented experience by using technology, to help create a better service experience and improve productivity in the industry.

Maria Dew

Maria Dew has a specialist practice in employment law, professional misconduct and related civil litigion. In her employment practice she acts for employers and senior employees. Maria is also regularly appointed as an independent investigator by public and private sector organisations to conduct enquiries into allegations of serious misconduct. She is currently the convenor of the New Zealand Law Society Employment Law Commitee and serves as the Deputy Chair of the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

Katie Hollister-Jones

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